Dina Reis is an Innovator

Posted by Admin | March 16th, 2012

Dina Reis is an innovator, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has managed to accomplish a lot since her birth in 1964. Dina Reis began her life in social work when she began attending the Wurzweiler School of Social Work. After graduating from that institution she began working with the Consultants for Criminal Justice Alternative. This is an alternative-to-incarceration program which takes a different approach to rehabilitation.

After she left the Consultants for Criminal Justice Alternative program, Dina Reis began working in marketing. She joined a marketing firm called Marketing Concepts where within one year she rose to the level of partner. She became head of sales and marketing at that firm.

Dina Reis was a partner in a company that partnered with the Original Soup Man chain of fast food restaurants in New York. She helped to open over two-thousand stores in the first six months on the job. She would later leave the company because of a contract dispute, although she does still own three percent of that company.

Now Dina Reis is working on several freelance projects that will appear on QVC. This includes designing a line of cosmetics for a famous makeup artist and helping to create a vegan brand of gourmet freeze-dried meals brand in partnership with a well known restauranteur.

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